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Car Hire and Rental ServicesOur specialty is in Car Hire and Rental Services for safari enjoyment and experience across the country. Whether hiring a car to a remote village (for instance for burial), a National Park, Wildlife Reserve, Zoo/Sanctuary, around Kampala City or anyother Town/City in Uganda , you are guaranteed of getting a good car in perfect condition at the best deals (in terms of price). With as low as $20 per day, you can get a good car for your occasion.

Car Hire and Rental Services in Uganda

Depending on your kind of event and number of people to use the car, a variety of cars are available for hire in Uganda and they include the:

Toyota Rav4 : Car Hire and Rental Services

Toyota RAV4 that can be hired at $40 to $50 per day excluding fuel and is ideal for self-drive tours, Camping, weekend picnics, conference meetings and city tours for a small group.

Safari Van :

With a seating capacity of 9-14 passengers, you can hire a safari van at 90$ to $100 including driver for game viewing, camping and family trips. The good thing about this vehicle is that it has enough cargo space and well-spaced seats in addition to being air-conditioned.

Safari Land Cruiser

This 7-seater vehicle is four-wheel drive and usually is air-conditioned, perfect for research projects, luxury visitors, for self-drive and chauffeur-driven tours. For $150 you can hire with a driver.

Coaster Bus

The coaster buses are air-conditioned, have TV and radios among other things and accommodates from 20 to 30 passengers. Are you planning to organize a wedding, school tour, corporate retreat and other events for many people? If yes, then the coaster bus at $100 to $150 with a driver is what you need.

Other cars that can be hired in Uganda are Toyota Premio, Mercedes Benz for luxury visitors, Land cruiser Prado and many others.

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