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Discover the most remarkable Safari destinations with us across Uganda & Rwanda. Are you looking at new places, exciting to explore with unique experiences? Join us as we take a round to witness great places of today as you explore a million secrets that are within national parks. Uganda parks are set in a uniquely less explored and remains unspoiled rendering high quality safari experience.

In Rwanda, with only 4 national parks including Volcanoes National Park home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, Nyungwe forest national park is inhabited by Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys in Rwanda. Akagera National Park, home to the BIG FIVE in Rwanda including the Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino. Gishwati National Park is currently under restocking and being prepared for tourism.

Outside national parks, interesting Safari Destinations to explore and enjoy to compliment your journey with city excursions, visit spectacular sceneries, it’s no wonder you will witness the best places in Uganda & Rwanda.

Uganda National Parks

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