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Get to Know Lake Mburo National park

Take part in a sensory experience like no other while in Lake Mburo National park. Located in Kiruhura District and is the second smallest Park covering an area of 370km² and it hosts about five lakes in the park’s border. The Park lies within the rain shadow area that is between Lake Victoria and the Rwenzori Mountains.

The park is a home of over 67 mammals which are resident of the park. Such animals including the zebras, eland, impalas, Oribis, buffalos, waterbuck,  leopard, reedbuck, hyenas, the recently translocated giraffes, warthogs and crocodiles and hippos which can be seen at a close quarter while on bout cruise.

Lake Mburo National park

What to do in Lake Mburo National park

Game Viewing & Photography in Lake Mburo National park

Take time to your and embark on a game driving in the park, this is a prime activity within the Park offering a unique opportunity to spot wildlife animals such as  Elands, antelopes, buffaloes, topis, warthogs, giraffes, bird species, waterbucks and impalas. A night game drive, you will have the opportunity to see nocturnal animals such as leopards, bush babies, and porcupines.

Bird Watching.

Feel the energy on a bird watching day in the park. With over 320 species of birds to see such as Shoebill stork and White-winged Warbler, Crested Francolin, Coqui Francolin, emerald spotted wood, Rufous bellied heron, crowned cranes and a Yellow breasted Apalis among other rare sighting in Uganda.

Boat Cruise at the park.

Feel humbled and get on a boat ride at Lake Mburo, the park drives its name from Lake Mburo, the boat trip at Lake Mburo takes you approximately two hours while feeling the lake breeze with picture square of an amazing wildlife mammal such as crocodiles, hippos and water birds.

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo.

Be part of the closest encounter of wildlife in Lake Mburo. Horseback riding in the parkis the most amazing experience, this is the breathing taking activity putting you in to mirror yourself with wildlife without noise of the engine. See wildlife animals such as Zebra, antelopes, Giraffes, Buffalos and among others at a closer range.

Best time to visit the Park

The Park is open Savannah grassland and the best time to visit is in the dry season from June to August and December to February. Wet months from March to May and from September to November makes it challenges for game viewing and other activities.

Where to stay in the Lake Mburo National park

Mihingo Safari Lodge.

Mihingo safari lodge is up market lodge situated on up on a hill with 10 luxury tented rooms over a wooden platform covered by a thatched roof. Each room has an en suite bathroom with the hot and cold running water, a veranda and a flushing look. The lodge has also got a thatched dining area as well as a swimming pool with beautiful views over the lake plus a tennis court.

Kigambira Safari Lodge.

A fusion of rustic African & luxury. Kigambira Safari Lodge is a luxury eco – lodge built in the Southern part of the Park. Nestled between Lake Kigambira and the Rubanga Forest, the location provides the ideal base for the adventurous traveller with a range of activities from game drives & boat trips on Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge.

Lake Mburo safari lodge is a midrange lodge situated within the National Park strategically giving the cool breeze of the Park. The lodge has family cottages, honeymoon cottages, double rooms, and single rooms, and with all rooms has privacy while one is enjoying the wilderness in a homely ambiance. Lake Mburo safari lodge rooms are privately situated, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

How to get to the Park.

The Park is located in western Uganda approximately 228km with about 4 hours drive from the Kampala. By road, it is a smooth road transfer to Mbarara.  By Flight, from Entebbe International Airport to Mbarara in a duration of 1h30.


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