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Get to Know Semuliki National Park.

One of Africa’s diverse wildlife place. Semuliki National Park located in Bwamba Sub County in Bundibugyo district, Uganda. Semuliki National Park lies in an area of 226km² with an altitude of 670-760m above sea level around the Albertine rift in western arm along the Ituri forest of the Congo basin which is one of the most Africa most ancient and bio diversity small but picturesque wildlife land boosting over 53 different mammals that live in this forest, and 27 of these are the large mammals. 11 out of the 53 are endemic to this Park.

Birdlife in Semuliki National Park is the best in Africa for forest birding adventure, from Sempaya and Ntandi, where you can expect excellent results of bird watching adventure with approximately 441 different bird species living within in Semuliki National Park. Best known for Sempaya hot springs.

Semuliki National Park

What to do in Semuliki Valley National Park.

Visit the Sempaya hot springs in Semuliki National Park

Renowned for Sempaya hot springs. There are two Hot springs-Male hot spring called Bitende that measures about 12 meters in diameter and the Female hot spring named Nyasimbi and is a boiling geyser that ejects out hot water and steam at about 2 meters into the air. The water temperatures boil at 100 degree Celsius and some of the activities take place within the Sempaya hot springs including egg boiling, culture practices, photography, and education.

Game Drives in Semuliki National Park

And a journey here takes you straight to theheart of some of the world’s premier game-viewing places. Game drive takes you to Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve which has three well maintained game tracks that stretch across the Savannah plains of the Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. These tracks allow tourists to encounter the residents of the Park that include over 60 mammal species such as smaller Forest and larger savannah elephants that are rarely seen of course, the waterbucks, buffaloes, warthogs, the rare bush babies, Uganda Kobs and if you are lucky, you will come cross the Leopards and the Pygmy hippos. This Park can be visited for both day and night/nocturnal game drives.

Nature Walk.

The Semuliki jungle-life is spectacular particularly for birders, and those interested in seeing primates, butterflies and plant species. The jungle walks normally begin from Sempaya Gate and this takes approximately two hours and end at the Hot Springs in the rainforest that has Palm Trees and has muddy ground. During the walk, visitors have the chance to spot primates including Mangabeys plus Blue Monkeys, red tail monkey and chimpanzee as well as different colorful butterflies.

Local Community Walks.

Commanding four distinguished ethnic groups around the Semuliki National Park such as Bwamba famers along the base of the Mount Rwenzori while the Bakonzo who cultivate on the mount slopes, the Bantu, cultivate on open plain and the Batwa pygmies who are hunter.

Best time to visit the Park

The best time to Semuliki National Park can be done any time throughout the year, the Dry season is the best time for a trip to Semuliki National Park since the trekking tail are dry such months include December to February and June to Mid-September. The rainy is the best time to visit the Park for bird lovers it’s because the food is in plenty and this is the season for migratory bird species which takes place in the months of March to June and September to December. Although conditions in Park are more difficulty during the rainy season and some time makes the roads almost impassable and game viewing drives turns to be challenging.

Where to stay in the Park

Semuliki Safari Lodge.

Semuliki safari lodge built and designed with local materials which give it an authentic traditional look. Comprising of canvas tents that are comfortable and each of the tents has en suite bathrooms with enough water and flush toilets, a private balcony and a nice view. These tents have enough space inside, with comfortable beds, nice blankets which give you a feeling as though you are home. With swimming pool on which one can relax and freshen up as he enjoys the beautiful view and the wonderful rhythms of nature.

Nyati Game Lodge.

Nyati game lodge presiding on the shores of Lake Albert in the Semuliki forest and wildlife reserve. Nyati game lodge provides some accommodation for mid-rangetravellers. While here, one can easily chill on sand beaches of Lake Albert, watching the sunset is one of those amazing moments. There’s no better way to experience the wilderness than staying at Nyati Game Lodge.

Bumaga Campsite.

Bumuga campsite is a budget accommodation facility that is located approx 3km away from the Sempaya gate. Camping is also available and it renders a life time experience. A few rooms that are self-contained and with family bandas.

How to get to the park.

By road from Kampala-Fort Portal via Mubende is about 180km, or a 4-5 hour drive. Semuliki National Park’s Sempaya Gate is 59km from Fort Portal. The park headquarters at Ntandi is 6km a head.

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