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Get to Know Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a cinema of primates, Nyungwe forest is probably the most preserved forest in Africa. Some say it is the most important site for biodiversity in Rwanda and is home to over 1000 species of creation after all.

Nyungwe Forest is a tourist favorite with those on safari in Rwanda with vast untouched tropical rainforest with a high, dense canopy. You can also find over 300 different bird species, many butterflies, orchids, 75 mammal species including the 13 primates, and there have also been the sightings of the golden monkeys. Nyungwe Forest National Park is with its uncountable of the natural wonders and is not missed if you are coming to Rwanda and it will be one of those items to mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda.

Venture through this epic forest a perfect location where you can add Chimpanzee tracking to your Gorilla trek in the Volcanoes National Park, also home 310 bird species, hundreds of butterflies and orchids and among other species. Isumo waterfalls which act as center of attraction of many species such as blue monkeys, white and black monkey, red tail monkey and among others.

What to do in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Chimpanzee Tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Feel adventurous on your Chimpanzee trekking day. The activity starts in the morning and its best to carry a day pack where you have a couple of liters of water, have long trousers, the long sleeved shirt, rain jacket, the hiking boots and the hat. There will also be a maximum of over 8 people in your group that sets out to track the chimpanzees. Set out to track these closest cousins as they play in Nyungwe forest National Park.

Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk

The first tree top forest canopy walk in East Africa and the third in Africa. Enjoy the canopy walk as part of your safari itinerary. This canopy walk is also 50 meters above the ground and this can also be dizzying heights above tree canopies, you will see the monkeys move around in the tree tops, the birds that are flying above you and below you and a beautiful view of the huge Nyungwe forest. It’s also an amazing sight. This canopy walk is also 90m long.

Bird Watching

The forest is home to over 300 bird species and 27 of them are endemics and are part of the species that are found in the forests of the Albertine rift. For example the Grauer’s Warbler which is an Albertine rift endemics hat can be found within the mountain swamps like the Kamiranzovou with in Nyungwe Forest, you can also find both the Rwenzori Turacos and the large blue Turacos. The sun birds of many types like the purple breasted and the blue headed sun bird and can be found in flowering trees. Nyungwe Forest is also birder’s paradise.

Isumo Waterfalls Hike.

Start your day in the right way. Hike to the Isumo waterfalls, the trail takes you approximately 4 hours hike to the falls; the hike passes through the lush tea plantations where you will have an opportunity to spot many people picking tea leaves as the sun shining on the rolling hills around you, making the green tea plants stand out. The name Isumo is Kinyarwanda language meaning waterfalls, Isumo waterfalls is roughly 17 m in height, it is even more impressive for the force with which it shoots through a narrow gap into a stunning amphitheater.

Best Time to Visit Nyungwe Forest National Park

Primate lovers are advised to visit Nyungwe forest during the wet season. During the wet season, there is always plenty of food for the primates all over and they therefore do not move for long distances to look for food as during the dry season. Those interested in canopy walks, nature walks should visit the National Park during the dry season when there are minimal disturbances of rainfall.

Where to stay in Nyungwe Forest.

One & Only Nyungwe House.

Set amongst at the edge of a rich tea-plantations of Gisakura, One & Only Nyungwe House is luxury lodge which is cosseted in the foothills of dramatic forest-covered mountains, small clusters of rustic lodge-style retreats offer a front-row seat to the magical sights and sounds of nature and it offer services such as accommodations, cuisine, spa & fitness and activities such as nature’s boot camp, the chef’s garden, spear throwing and among others that can be attached to the Park.

Nyungwe Top View Hotel.

Nyungwe Top view Hotel amid range facilityand offers pretty good accommodation close to the park. It’s only a five minutes drive Nyungwe forest national park and a 4-5 hour drive from Kigali and has some very amazing views of Nyungwe forest.

How to acess the Park.

Located in south western Rwanda, close to the Lake Kivu and Democratic Republic of Congo, near Cyangugu town, about 225km, 5 hour drive from Kigali on a smooth road.
By helicopter from Kigali International airport, it only takes minutes of scenic experience to either Kamembe airport or to One & Only Nyungwe House Helipad.

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